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Sep 25, 2019

Leana is the founder of Keto Coffee and Lipstick, one of the hottest Keto information and lifestyle pages on Instagram that just passed 10k followers in only 9 months!  Leana discusses her personal journey losing 40lbs with the Keto lifestyle and shares her mindset on keeping with Keto and her favorite Keto friendly products she recommends and uses herself.

Now Leana is not a doctor or nutritionist - in fact, before starting any diet or exercise regiment, you must consult your doctor or physician.  Full disclaimers are found on our website.

However, Leana is on our show because as a busy mother of 3, we can all relate to the hardships with trying to balance family and a healthy lifestyle.  Leana has achieved great physical results on Keto and is here to share her experiences and inspire others to research the Keto lifestyle for themselves!

Be sure to join the Keto Coffee And Lipstick community on Instagram for great Keto friendly recipes, inspiration, and humor!