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Aug 5, 2019

Expert Advice For Men introduces the newest series to our podcast, Side Hustle Sessions.


Side Hustle Sessions interviews the experts, and explores some of the most popular money making side hustles today.

  • Perhaps you need additional income because of an expanding family.
  • Perhaps you're a young, budding entrepreneur that needs income now to fund your future projects.
  • Perhaps you've always wanted to start a side hustle, but wished you knew someone already in the line of work, who can give you inside information before getting started.

Side Hustle Sessions is for you.

In this episode, we interview Dax Castro of Sacramento California, and explore one of the most popular side hustles today - Ride Share Driving with Uber and Lyft.

Dax, better known as uber_albert on instagram, is a veteran Uber driver since 2015, with over +6000 rides to his credit.  Dax gives us a candid inside look on ride share driving with Uber, the amount of money that you can potentially make, the mindset you must have to become successful, tips on which type of riders you should target, and his safety and security experiences.

Did someone say Uber Car Karaoke?  Did someone also say Uber has college tuition reimbursement?

If you want supplemental income, and have consider driving for Lyft or Uber, this podcast episode is a must listen!

For more information on Dax Castro, as well as a great collection of Dax's own personal Uber Car Karaoke rider videos, follow Dax on Instagram: