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Jul 15, 2019

Its not everyday you get the chance to pick the brain and ask college admissions advice from a true expert on the subject - A current Harvard University Student.

In this episode, we do just that with our guest Lawson Wong.

In this episode, we discuss the college admission mindset, peer pressure, tech, as well as travel.

Parents - Do not miss out on this episode!

About Lawson Wong:

This fall, Lawson will enter his 3rd year undergrad in economics at the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

A son of Chinese immigrants, Lawson grew up in the Seattle area having English as his second language.  Battling through culture shock and teenage peer pressure, it was an academic defeat that occurred in middle school, which propelled Lawson to achieve greatness during his high school career.

Nearly 40,000 high school students apply to Harvard annually, and only 2000 are granted admissions.  With a national low admissions rate of only 5%, Harvard is frequently ranked the most selective university to gain admissions. 

Lawson understands the mindset, technical aspects, and inside advice needed for your future college student to achieve college admissions greatness.

Lawson is the founder of Seattle Ivy, a consulting company dedicated to helping students with their college admissions to Ivy League Universities, as well as other elite colleges.

Lawson is currently available for private consultations for families, and can be contacted by email: